Worst Popular Exercises Trainers Want Us to Forget Forever

Forget These Worst Popular ExercisesSome of the best and worst popular exercises continue to be done today as though they’re the same thing. The problem is that it’s not always easy to tell the difference between the two. After all, if there’s a move that has been hot for decades, shouldn’t that mean it’s tried-and-true? If there’s a move that has taken off like wildfire, doesn’t that mean there’s something to it?

Not necessarily! Some of the worst popular exercises can look deceptively like they should be great. Still, trainers have been discouraging their clients from doing them. They hope to be able to stop the use of these moves that place people at an increased risk of injury or simply don’t work. Consider the following before you start your next workout.

Worst Popular Exercises 1 – Sit-Ups with Pressed Heels

If you’ve been doing sit-ups with both feet on the ground and your toes pointing upward so your can push your heels into the floor, it’s time for a change. Instead of this move (which has been proven by electromyogram to reduce your ab muscle workout), do “The Hundred” Pilates move. If you’re new to the move, do the bent-knee version. If you’re more experienced with it, keep your legs extended at a forty-five-degree angle.

Worst Popular Exercises 2 – Behind-Head Shoulder Presses

The behind-head shoulder press is supposed to provide amped-up benefits over regular shoulder presses. Unfortunately, they offer the same potential reward only the behind-head version places you at an increased risk of injury. If you want the best possible benefits from this type of maneuver, stop limiting your shoulder movement and choose standard dumbbell shoulder presses instead of that obvious member of the worst popular exercises list.

Worst Popular Exercises 3 – Thigh Adductor Machines

This is among the worst popular exercises that surprises people the most. After all, this machine is typically among the most popular at the gym. However, sitting down to work out your legs does not use the muscles as they were designed to be used along with the human skeletal structure. All the effort produces significant opportunity for lost results during your workout. To achieve the results you do want, skip that shocking member of the worst popular exercises and use single-leg Roman deadlifts, instead.

By sticking to moves that are known to provide the best benefits, you’ll achieve better and safer results. Be sure to focus on your form. Your exercises are only as good as the way you perform them.

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