What Is the Yale Weight Loss Program?

Yale Weight Loss Program informationThe Yale Weight Loss Program provides alternatives to overweight patients who also suffer from medical conditions. It is designed by physiologists from the institute. The Yale Weight Loss Program works by determining what your weight loss goal is, as it differs from person to person. You may need to lose a portion of your body weight to help you in the treatment of a disease, or, you may want to achieve your ideal body weight.

There is a range of choices available to patients, including intensive meal replacement programs that can result in safe weight loss between 30 and 60 pounds in 3 months. You can also try medication or opt for endoscopic options that can result in gradual weight loss over six months. Sometimes, people need to lose weight before an emergency surgery. The good news is there are many options available and with the increase in options, it is likely the program will be able to identify a weight loss regimen that is perfect for you.

The endoscopic options are non-surgical procedures that help you lose weight through FDA approved procedures. They also offer counseling sessions as well as the Optifast procedure which provides full meal replacement.

The Yale Weight Loss Program offers medication as an alternative to help you in losing weight effectively as part of a comprehensive program. There are a number of medications that have been used for many years to help overweight people. These medications are to be used alongside a healthy lifestyle which includes exercise and proper nutrition.

One of the main medications available is Phentermine, which can effectively help in weight loss through appetite suppression, while also working as a fat burner. This will help you in consuming fewer calories and burn your body fat faster. When taken with a proper exercise and diet, it can dramatically reduce appetite and hunger control. It will help you in increased fat burning through which you will be able to lose up to 25 pounds per month. Your moods would be elevated along with enhanced energy levels and improved concentration.

Weight management is no easy task. If you have difficulty coping with it or you need help in keeping up energy levels and motivation, try PHENBLUE. This pill has been carefully formulated to offer appetite suppression, and energy boost, mood enhancement, and fat burning, without requiring a prescription, as Phentermine does.

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