Give Fat a Knockout Punch with Boxing for Weight Loss

Burn Fat with Boxing for Weight LossMany people don’t think of boxing for weight loss when they’re considering the best exercises to complete. Walking, running, yoga, Pilates, swimming and many other workouts often find their way into the spotlight. Spin classes and Zumba have also become very popular.

Boxing for weight loss, however, seems to be regularly ignored. Should you be taking a closer look at this option? Are you missing out on a serious fat-busting opportunity by skipping the one-two punch?

Why Boxing for Weight Loss?

Boxing includes both strength training and cardio. This whole-body workout helps you to train your whole body. Still many people feel intimidated by the idea of boxing for weight loss.

It is a high-impact and versatile sport that blasts through calories at the same time that it builds lean muscle. The workout includes cardio, strength training, balance and flexibility. These are all fantastic components for burning calories and fat both during the workout and between workouts.

The Basics of Boxing for Weight Loss

There are many different types of boxing. However, they all have to do with simulating a type of hand-to-hand combat. Depending on with form you choose, this may involve punches and dodges, or it might also involve kicking and other ways to engage your opponent or protect yourself.

These movements are fast-paced and require coordination in your upper and lower body. As a result, as you learn these skills and build them, you also burn fat and build strength. You enhance your speed, agility, hand-eye coordination, coordination between your upper and lower body, balance and flexibility. You’ll make the best progress if you work with an instructor or trainer.

Boxing for Weight Loss Results

The constant motion required from boxing means it keeps up your heart rate. At the same time, you’re continually ducking, dodging, shifting, punching and jabbing. Your entire body from top to bottom is continually in motion. That burns calories in the same way as it would if you were swimming or running.

At the same time, you’re also building your strength, which means you’ll burn more calories both during your workouts and after. Consider the type of results you can get from boxing for weight loss. The average person will burn a minimum of 350 calories per hour. That said, if you take a high intensity class and keep up, you could between 600 and 800 calories in three quarters of that time.

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