Popular Prescriptions That Can Lead to Weight Gain

Prescriptions That Can Lead to Weight Gain

Though it’s something that many of us don’t think about–or don’t want to think about–there are many popular prescriptions that can lead to weight gain. You may not think that your medications are a problem, but you might be surprised after doing some research. Fortunately, information about medications is readily available online, including the types of side effects you may expect to experience.

If you experience side effects, it’s a good idea to discuss them with your doctor.  More severe side effects should be addressed right away by emergency medical personnel.  That said, milder symptoms can be discussed at follow-up appointments unless you find them quite distressing. Many doctors will tell you to continue taking the medication if the benefits outweigh the risks, so that’s an important consideration. Even though you may not want to take something that can cause weight gain, you always need to consider your own individual situation and overall health.

What Prescriptions Can Lead to Weight Gain?

In reviewing the list of medications below, you should recognize that these medicines work differently for everyone. Though they may be prescriptions that can lead to weight gain, they tend to work differently for everyone. Keep this mind and be aware that these medications offer the possibility, not necessarily the certainty, that you will experience weight gain as a result.

Always do what’s best for you personally, and though these prescriptions that can lead to weight gain might be problematic, you may need to stick with them if they help you in other ways. For instance, if you’re experiencing mild side effects, always continue using the medication until you have discussed changes with your doctor.  Suddenly ceasing the use of your medication may have unexpected effects of its own and could place your health at risk.

Paxil and Other Anti-Anxiety Medication

Though these medications can work tremendously at managing the anxiety that a patient feels, weight gain is an unfortunate and common side effect. If you happen to be taking Paxil specifically, then you may want to see if there is something similar but lower-strength to provide the anti-anxiety relief that you need.

Your doctor may also choose to change your medication altogether as there are more modern anti-anxiety medications now available and that may not react the same way within your body. There are other options that could help to control your anxiety and your side effects at the same time.  Make sure to avoid altering your medication dose until your doctor recommends it.  This can help you to avoid withdrawal symptoms or losing the important benefits your medications have been providing.

Birth Control Pills

Many people will say that the verdict is still out as to whether birth control pills number among prescriptions that can lead to weight gain. The truth, however, is that many women find that their body changes considerably after they start taking birth control medication. For instance, they may gain weight and have a hard time taking it off–even after ceasing use of the pill. This is always something important to consider.

Speak with your doctor if you feel your weight is fluctuating as a result of this prescription.  You may find that there are other options available or that your doctor can recommend certain simple lifestyle changes that will help to control the impact on your body weight.

Prozac and Antidepressant Medication

Though such medications work well at treating signs and symptoms of depression and related disorders, they are also associated, unfortunately, with weight gain. Try to opt for a lower dosage if weight gain becomes an issue. That said, only do so if your doctor recommends it.  Altering your dose on your own should be avoided due to the risk of unwanted side effects or of losing the antidepressant benefits you have been experiencing.  If this type of medication helps to manage your depression, however, then you want to keep the big picture of your health in mind.

That said, there are many other types of antidepressant medication now available. Prozac is one of the older generations of this type of drug. There are alternatives that may also be able to help you and that might not cause the same side effects.  You may be able to obtain prescriptions that won’t lead to weight gain.

Steroid Treatments

Rounding out the list of prescriptions that can lead to weight gain are steroid treatments. Topical steroid creams or even steroid shots for pain management can be a weight-gain culprit. They are sometimes essential in managing particular ailments or health problems, but the way that they work often brings about unwanted weight gain, which is unfortunate. Just stay informed about the medications you consider using, including potential side effects like weight gain, and make the right decisions for you.

This may involve changing your diet or making other doctor-recommended lifestyle changes.  That said, you may also find that the weight gain from these prescription drugs will continue until you don’t need to take them anymore.  In these cases, you can only do your best to make healthy choices and accept that weight control is harder while you benefit from this medication.  The larger benefits will need to outweigh the drawbacks.

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